We care about your dreams. To better understand what you need to achieve everything you desire we need to know what's on your bucket-list, what frustrations you're facing, and how we can make everything a little more fun and playful as we help you achieve your dreams. 

Your Dreams
Your Dreams
Please choose your how strongly you agree or disagree with each statement.
I have dreams I want to make come true.
I once had strong dreams, but now I'm settled into life and don't think about them anymore.
I feel a need to be perfect in whatever I attempt.
I feel others' needs come before my own.
I feel that pursuing my dreams is selfish.
Money is a big factor in what's stopping me from achieving my dreams.
I'm in a great personal and financial situation to fulfill my dreams and I'm ready to get started.
I feel incredibly satisfied with my life.
I feel incredibly confident in who I am.
I wish I had a path to help me find my dreams and achieve them.
My life is filled with fun and playfulness.
Fear is a big factor in why I don't pursue my dreams.
I like comfort.
I would like to pursue my dreams but I'm a little too tired and feel lazy at the end of the day.
If there was a way to live going from one magnificent dream to the next while having more fun I'd hop on that ride.
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What is your main category of interest when it comes to achieving your dreams or trying something new. Check all that apply.
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