Only in dreaming can we see how big our lives are meant to be. 


The Dare to Dream Festival is all about creating an interactive playground where you get to experience the start of your dreams coming true. It's about exploring what you might like, what you never thought you'd do, and what you've always dreamt of doing but haven't found the time or the courage. Our one day events are about fun, enjoyment, and helping you to grow by showing you what you're really capable of doing.

Dare to Dream Festival Activities

One Ticket - 13 Dream Categories - Every Possibility

Health/Fitness, Culinary/ Wine/ Mixology, High Adventure, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Design/ Fashion/ Costuming, Circus, Media/Photography/ Videography, Personal Advancement, Writing/ Journalism, Technology/Graphics, Entrepreneurship, Design/Build

Take What You Learn and Perform it On Stage or Show it Off In Our Galleries. 

We Make You a Star!

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