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The Dare to Dream Festival is all about creating an interactive playground where attendees get to experience the start of their dreams coming true. It's about exploring what they might like, what they never thought they would do, and what they've always dreamt of doing but haven't found the time or the courage. Our one day events are about fun, enjoyment, and helping your business to grow by showing potential customers what you do best. Whether that's teaching a dance class, showing off your painting style, or helping someone to start their own business. Our Dream Starters are the best in their communities. 

Not every Dream Starter has the money to market themselves the way they need to or should. This is where the Dream Teacher program comes into play. You provide us with the best experience for our attendees, you share your passion on our social media channels with quick, fun tutorials, and together everyone wins. We even teach you how to make viral videos to help your business grown through social media. 

We do the advertising, PR, and marketing for you.

Dream Teachers don't receive their own table but share teaching space that is scheduled out, but students will know you by the experience you create. You're listed on our website, and we will also promote you through 1-2 teaching videos you'll provide per month to help get the word out about your business. Don't worry if you don't feel camera ready or are terrified of this prospect. We will teach you how to make viral videos with ease. We've learned from some of the top viral video makers in the world.  

Want more out of the day? Want your own space to sell your goods? Become a Dream Starter Showcase and get all of the above plus your own space to sell your wares and create personal one on one experiences for attendees the full length of the event. Click here to learn more.

*Applications don't confirm partnership. If chosen you will be sent a contract and welcome letter from our team. Thank you for applying.

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Please describe how you'd like to participate at the Dare to Dream Adventure.
dance floor, microphone, audio visual, table, space needed to teach, etc.
The event is broken down into categories. Please choose the one that fits the best.
Live classes are done through our social media channels and are up to you in length. The idea is to create participation and excitement. You are welcome to then share on your pages.
Please describe materials you'd be bringing to the event to share with others and to be able to teach. I.E. arts supplies, make-up, rigging, etc.
As a Dream Partner you will not have your own table to set out products. If this is something you need please see the Dream Showcase that starts at $500. For Dream Partners we provide a consignment store space where we sell your products at retail. Commission rates: DreamsCo 40% Wholesaler 60%
Please describe your product and cost.