Everyone has a starting point. Each day you get a new beginning, but if you don't know where you're starting, if you can't see where you are, then you can't ever make the changes to where you want to be. This survey is to help you understand what you're feeling about the balance between the 5 Pillars of Magnificence. Be honest with yourself. There's no right or wrong. There's no blame. There's simply your start point.

Throughout the 21 Days you'll come back and re-evaluate so that you can constantly check in to be certain you're creating balance in all 5 Pillars as you design your Bucket List Life. 

Your Dreams *
Your Dreams
Please choose your how strongly you agree or disagree with each statement.
I have dreams I want to make come true.
I once had strong dreams, but now I'm settled into life and don't think about them anymore.
I feel a need to be perfect in whatever I attempt.
I feel others' needs come before my own.
I feel that pursuing my dreams is selfish.
Money is a big factor in what's stopping me from achieving my dreams.
I'm in a great personal and financial situation to fulfill my dreams and I'm ready to get started.
I feel incredibly satisfied with my life.
I feel incredibly confident in who I am.
My life is filled with fun and playfulness.
Fear is a big factor in why I haven't pursued my dreams.
I like comfort.
I believe I'm worthy of having my dream life.
I believe life can have a flow that's easy.
I believe life is hard, unfair, and I just have to deal with it.
I have all the vitality I need to pursue my dreams.
I feel anxious.
I feel strong, happy, and healthy.
I laugh all the time.
My relationships fill me up.
I love who I am.
I love life.
I love this planet and the playground I get to explore.
I feel fulfilled creatively.
I feel fulfilled in my career.
I have so many things I want to change about my life.
There are times when I hate who I am.
I speak kindly to myself everyday.
I sometimes judge myself and others.
I feel this world is messed up and that people are out for themselves.
Money comes to me easily.
I feel that life provides all that I need in every moment.
This day is perfect.
Checkbox *
Balance Check: Check all that you feel are in balance right now in your life.
What are your limiting beliefs?
If there were no rules, if I could have anything, if money wasn't an issue, if I had all the confidence and joy that I needed, what would my life look like?
Feel free to send me a private message with any extra concerns, needs, or comments.
I'm making a promise to my future self that I've envisioned, that I will do everything in my power to walk this path, do every exercise and come out knowing that my future self is who I was all along, I was just hiding it. *