You Need A Great Team - DreamsCo

My editor called me this morning to discuss the timeline and the changes I will be making to my book. As we spoke, I found myself laughing and relaxing. Lauren is a writer's dream come true. She's an editor dedicated to this story like a parent to a child. Her enthusiasm for what we're going to accomplish together makes me even more excited to write. Through the whole process my agent has held my hand and cared deeply about my career. I couldn't be more grateful today for such incredible, powerful women in my life. I began to think about the other people in my life that help me to make my dreams come true: my mother who taught me to dream big; my skating coach who pushes me beyond my comfort zone; my business partner who handles all the things I'm horrible at; my vendors who create incredible products; and my friends who help me when I'm technologically inept.

In order to go after my dreams I've needed the help of others. And though there was a time when I hated asking for help, I've come to realize that a team of people you adore makes life and work so much more enjoyable.