When You Don't Quit - DreamsCo

It's an amazing natural high when I work hard, pushing every day to achieve my dreams even though they seem to get further away as progress is stunted, and then one day, without reason, things come together. Today I stepped onto the ice, ready to be frustrated. I looked across the clear sheet and wanted to turn around. My coach said to me, "To take this next step is a big jump from where you are right now. Most skaters never make it because fear gets in the way." The last few weeks I've felt as if I've digressed as falls have become more frequent and skills I'd thought I'd mastered disappeared.

Today something amazing happened when I pushed past my fear and began to skate. As I took the first turn, I felt strong, in control, and comfortable. Then I fell on my butt and slid into the boards. I got up and tried again. This time I stayed upright. I pushed faster, harder, and the fear slipped away as I began to do things I've never done. I went through all the moves I learned just two months ago, and though I couldn't pass the test today, what I couldn't do, I now can.

Many times in life we give up when something doesn't come together easily. We let fear stop us from taking that first step because we're terrified of failure. What I've learned on this journey is to be flexible and open to all possibilities and ways of doing things, but to never give up. Then out of the blue, after tremendous work and failed attempts, I end up getting what I desire and the feeling is sweet.