What You Pay Attention to Will Come to You. - DreamsCo

I'm trying to watch the men's long program in figure skating, but so far it has come in brief moments then twenty minutes of waiting. As I watch the athletes I'm reminded how easy it is for the mind to either create success or defeat. I know from my own skating, the moment I doubt that I can do something I fail. The mind is the greatest tool we have. What we focus upon is what comes to us. If you watch any athlete, the minute you see that moment of doubt in their eyes, you know their training and technique is about to go splat. No matter how many times they've achieved their goal, doubt will destroy their ability to accomplish what they desire.

This reminds me of the first rule in white-water kayaking - keep your eyes on the path you want to take. Fear of crashing into a rock or dropping into a sticky hole causes many people to continually check how close they are to the danger. The minute their heads turn towards their fear, the body, and therefor their boat, moves in that direction. I believe it's the same in life.

When I first made my list of dreams I was shocked at how quickly I began to achieve what I desired. Within two months I had hiked half-dome in Yosemite; met an incredible group of friends who liked to get the most out of life; learned to salsa dance; went to Alaska; and bought my home outright. I believe it's because I placed my list of dreams in plain sight and made it my focus. When I get caught up inĀ  drama around me or fear, my life moves away from my dreams.

There's another rule in white-water kayaking; once you're in the rapid, never stop paddling. If you feel that the river is going too fast you don't fight the current or it will pull you under. I guess that's where my life is right now. I'm on this rapid, trying to keep my eyes on the fun, splashy waves. Every once in awhile rocks crop up. I glance at them, give them some thought, but then I must look away or I will crash into them instead of sticking to my path.

I highly recommend making your own list. It doesn't have to be 101 dreams. It can be five or ten. When hard times crop up, your list will give you a place to focus instead of staring at the rocks.