What Could You Do In A Year? - DreamsCo

This past year I've checked off many of my dreams come true: competed at adult nationals; learned to surf; flew an airplane; learned photography; and rode the world's tallest roller coaster. Many of my dreams were about growing as a person. I found a way not to worry about perceived imperfections and to start shooting life a little dirty letting the falls and frailties be part of who I am. I experienced great lust not just sexual but for the wondrous things in life: food, art, friendship, and happiness. I loved deeply and I finally learned how to communicate without need or expectation from others. The greatest accomplishment from the list was that I learned to trust in something higher than my own ego. This past year has been about hard work in order to be able to go after the rest of my dreams...because lets be honest it takes money to do many of them. I started a new business with my best friend. I gave everything I had to writing and rewriting my novel. There were times when I felt like I was working for nothing as I watched my savings account dwindle. Fear took hold, and thoughts of getting a regular paying job woke me every morning. At times I wanted to quit, but I to walk away would crush me. In the end, I found that the trust in something more was actually inside of me.

Now as this year is coming to a close the hard work is paying off. My business is growing, editors at major houses are not only reading my book but are raving about the story and my writing, and I'm becoming the figure skater I've always wanted to be. This might not have been a year where I spent a month in Europe or traipsing around the world, but it's been an exciting year of living my dream life.

This journey of going after my 101 dreams come true has been a great gift. I'm humbled and blown away by what has happened for me, and I want to share it with the world. I want others to open their lives in the same way. Plus, it's getting lonely talking about my journey and I think it's time to share the stage with others.

In the coming months there will be changes happening to this website. You will still be able to follow my journey as I try to complete the rest of my dreams. If all goes as planned I will be traveling around the globe again, still skating, falling on my butt in life and on the ice, and having great adventures, but this year I'm going to ask you to do it with me.

On January 30, 2012 I will be starting a contest with really great prizes. To enter the contest you will have to choose one thing off your life-list that you want to accomplish in the year. It should be big. I mean really huge. You have to complete your dream by December 31, 2012. The contest will cost $25.00 to enter with all proceeds going to charity to help those in need make their dreams come true. Once your dream has been completed there will be a simple form to fill out explaining your experience. Proof such as pictures or video will need to be provided. The rest of the details will be explained later. I promise I'll be with you all along the way encouraging and pushing you when you think you aren't enough.

I know I'm telling you about this almost three months in advance of the start of the contest, but I want you to begin thinking about how you could change your life within one year. If you weren't afraid, if there weren't any rules, what would you want?

I hope you join me and that you get everyone in your family and on your facebook page to do the same. When a person goes after their dreams and lives their lives by their own rules of happiness they in turn have so much more to give the world. By creating this contest I'm hoping to change the happiness quotient in the world.