What a Glorious Way to Live - DreamsCo

Fifty-two dreams left on my list of 101 Dreams Come True. When I made my list of dreams,  I never thought that my dreams would happen more than once or change my life in such a drastic way.

I was in Napa Valley when I made my list and I wanted the chance to attend a private party at a winery. It was a simple passing thought of decadence, yet it turned out to be one of the first dreams to ever come true. Not only did I go to the Perez family vineyard for Fourth of July three weeks after making my list, but I returned last year and this year's celebration will find me back at the vineyard. I've become part of a family and no longer need an invitation.

But it turns out that this dream come true wasn't done. Last Saturday, my friend Maryland invited me to a private Renaissance party at Castello Di Amorosa in Napa.

As the sun set we arrived in a SUV limo. Dressed in period clothing, I wore a maiden's outfit with a wreath of flowers in my hair while Maryland wore a Paige's outfit.

We drank wine, watched jousting, played with swords, and sat in the king and queen's thrones all while taking in the beauty of the Napa Valley at sunset.

At night fall we headed to the banquet area and feasted on fresh vegetables, pork, chicken, and strawberries. Ginger cake, powdered cookies, and scones were paired with sweet wines while fire dancers entertained the crowd.

After dinner we walked through the castle, exploring the stone caves deep within the belly of the property. Here we found torture chambers and barrel rooms.

It was a night of laughter, which ended in new friendships and another one of my dreams coming true. James, the man I'm beheading, has offered to teach me photography. He's an incredible artist, and I'm ecstatic that he is willing to teach me his craft.

I'm realizing, that to pursue my dreams has opened my world in ways I never imagined. The way the dreams come is always a surprise, and so far each dream has exceeded what my mind could conjure. Here's to fifty-two more dreams coming true in mysterious magnificence. To live a life of dreams, to believe that they are possible, is the grandest way I can live.

How's your list going?