Trying to Remain Positive and Grateful Everyday - DreamsCo

I tend to be a positive upbeat person or so I thought. It's easy to feel that life is perfect whenever one of my dreams is coming true - at those times I feel like magic pixie dust lights my path and everything is easy. But then there's the day to day when I'm driving in heavy traffic, dealing with customer service on-hold waits, or trying to figure out what's next in my life and being afraid that I'm taking wrong turns. On the regular days I find that I can be downright grumpy and a bit negative.

When I put this dream on my list I wasn't certain how to make it come true. I'm human and to say that everyday I'm going to be upbeat and positive - well it just wasn't working.

So I put myself on a diet per say. Twenty-eight days where I would focus on everything I was grateful for. I actually got the idea from Rhonda Burnes and her book The Magic. In her book she has exercises to feel grateful everyday. Start the morning off writing down ten things you're grateful for in life and say, "Thank you." Hold a stone at night and remember all the great things that happened in the day and then choose the best one and say, "Thank you."

I started it on a day when I felt completely down. I was standing at the brink of everything I'd ever wanted with my career, yet feeling like I was failing and without a clue on how to move forward. Instead of focusing on the fear of failure I began to focus on all the good that had taken place in my life.

Within a few days, my attitude changed. Many of my fears dissipated as answers came to me. It seemed like magic was filling my everyday and bit by bit everything began falling into place.

I'm still human. I still fear even with all the dreams that have come true, but what I've realized is that you can change everything in a matter of seconds by turning your thoughts towards gratitude. I may not be positive and grateful every moment. I still get overtired, hungry, stressed, fearful, and well cranky at crazy drivers. But I have a trick, start every day with gratitude, finish every day with gratitude and believe that something higher and stronger than me is always on my side.