Time That Slips Away - DreamsCo

I know that everyone is feeling as if life is speeding up. Winter flew by and we're already half way through spring of 2012. I'm not certain where the months are going. For most of this year I've been doing revisions on my novel and building my business. It was hard to make time to train in figure skating and even harder to make room for my personal life. Work seemed to overwhelm every aspect of my being. As I looked at my list of dreams, I realized I've made very little time to pursue any other dream than becoming a bestselling author. I haven't even made a plan on how to pursue more of my dreams.

I know for many of my readers, their lives are so insanely busy that days weeks, months, even years go by with the intention to make changes, to pursue their dreams, and yet when they look back they don't know where they could've fit it in.

I've realized lately that the bigger problem is how much time I waste. It seeps out like heat in a house with single paned windows. I don't know what happens when I get on my computer, but it has a sucking sensation that keeps me glued to the screen. I get on with the intention to check email and then suddenly I find myself on Facebook wasting a half an hour. Then there's Hulu with all the shows I haven't seen, and before I know it I've wasted another forty minutes.

There's also the time that's wasted spinning my wheels. I'm so distracted with everything that needs to get done, that I work on one thing, then switch to the next, only to move on to another, and by the time four hours has passed, I've only bitten into my tasks and not completed any. Most of the time I'm rushing not even paying attention to where I put my keys or my phone that I waste fifteen sometimes twenty minutes per day searching for the items.

Many of these bad habits have had to do with how brain dead I've been after working hours on my manuscript, but still I know that these time-sucks have existed for some time.

So last week I decided to get rid of my distractions. I decided to check email once per day and answer all of it in a half hour. I made a list of things I needed to accomplish and checked them off one by one. Facebook was limited to fifteen minutes to catch up with friends on the other side of the country.

The first three days I was shocked at how much time I gained in my day, and how much calmer I became. My brain wasn't overstimulated, I spent my extra time actually meditating or going for a walk. What was even stranger, I wasn't certain what to do with this extra time.

Then the old habits returned. I began to check facebook more, to turn on hulu while I was eating breakfast only to get sucked in for twenty minutes, and at night I found myself clicking around the internet as a half hour or even an hour disappeared.

The technology that's supposed to make our lives easier and more connected was sapping my time and keeping me from the important stuff. It took away hours I needed to pursue my dreams.

I've made a pact with myself that for the rest of this month I will limit my computer time. I want to live more fully, to not be overwhelmed with all I have to do, because I know if I can stop letting time slip away I will be happier and healthier. I challenge you to do the same.

This week and for the rest of the month, don't let time slip away. Choose one goal, small or large and use the time you would spend on your computer or watching television to pursue it. Go out and smell all the spring flowers and enjoy the weather. You might be surprised how much happier you become.