The Things I've Learned by Going After My Bucket-List - DreamsCo

First of all, I really hate calling this a bucket-list. It's definitely not about doing things before I die, but going after everything I want while I can enjoy it. This way, my dreams have the time to shape my life and how I view the world. With that said, I've realized that after four years of going after my dreams, I've learned a few things. Please see the list below. 1. Anything is Possible. Okay, maybe this is a little hoorah Anthony Robbins motivational, but it turns out that it's true. If anyone had told me that I would live in Florence, Italy for a month, hang glide, ride in a race car, go to private parties in Napa, travel the world, become a competitive figure skater, sign a book deal with Simon & Schuster, meet the greatest people of my life, learn to salsa dance and surf in the time span of four years, I would've told them they were crazy. But it all came true and in the last four years I've made less  money than most people do in a year so it isn't about being rich.

2. It's Not About Being Rich! Many people think when they see my list that I'm some kind of trust fund baby. Ha! Not even close. For the most part, in the last four years I've made less than most people working at a Starbucks. It's the way I choose to spend my money that allows me to do the things I do, but it's more about the magic of life. When you put your mind towards doing something doors open. People come into your life that lead to opportunities and as long as you don't quit, you'll find a way. So saying, "Well it must be nice and if I were rich," is only going to keep you stuck exactly where you are.

3. Material Things Bring the Least Pleasure. There were very few things on my list that had to do with material items, but hey I'm human and there were a couple of wants: have incredible bedding; buy a piece of jewelry for myself; own my home outright; buy a pair of designer shoes; buy a new car. All of these came true, but it turns out that when I think about my list I forget about all of them. Even though they are the most tangible, they aren't what's changed me or made me better. I carry what I've learned everyday from my travels,  the love of my friends, the success of my career, the arts that I've learned and it's completely changed my attitude. My car is great, my house gives me a stable jumping off point, and my bedding is nice to fall into at night, but it isn't important in the grand scheme.

4. Fear Never Goes Away. When you really want something in life there's always going to be fear. It doesn't stop no matter how many dreams I make come true, the more I go after and step into the unknown the more I face that crazy knawing emotion. Instead of waiting till it's gone I've come to realize that it lets me know that what I'm going after really matters to me.

I've learned so much more, but for now I leave you with this thought - your dreams are there for a reason, they'll guide you to the amazing life you were meant to live. Excuses will only keep you from what you truly desire.