The Good Life - DreamsCo

When I think about my life, I see all the things that I want to make happen. Every day I imagine what it would be like to sign a book contract with a major publisher. I can envision myself traveling the world: seeing the Mountain Gorillas, diving the Maldives, and dancing the Tango in Beunos Aires. It's great to think about the wonders that I hope to experience, but it doesn't stop me from being present. It would be easy to keep my mind in the future and feel that when the list is done then my life will be complete. This list of dreams isn't a way for me to be happy. It was at one time, but going after my list of dreams has opened me up to decadent way of living. Today I traded massages with one of my best friends. I got to skate. Tonight I'll meet with friends for karaoke, and last night I went salsa dancing. I plan on sinking into a bubble bath before I go out.

I know if you're a parent of young children, and you're taking the time to read this, you're laughing saying that it's because I'm single without kids that I get this life. You have something dear and special - these little joyful people in your life that want to play and have fun. Everyone has decadence right now. Even someone who doesn't have a home still can find a beautiful park to walk in.

It's easy to focus on what we don't have and to be jealous of others. When you look at what you do have, when you get excited about what's already right in front of you, then life becomes good. If you focus on the anger and stress and the 'woe is me' that's what you'll get. If you focus on the joy, it begins right in that moment.

Tomorrow I go after a skating test on my way to completing my dream of reaching senior level. I can choose to stress about what might go wrong, or I can be joyful that I get the chance to take it. Life is a mindset. You have the free-will to choose what you focus on.