The Glitch in Getting Started - DreamsCo

46 Dreams Left on the Way to Completing 101 Dreams Come True Have you ever been motivated to start something new, created your action plan, and then right out of the gate all your plans were blown to pieces? That's what happened today.

I had a plan for this month. I'd worked out my schedule in order to handle all the projects and the ideas I wanted to pursue. I began my new training program to go after my figure skating goals and hired a new coach with whom I was supposed to start with tomorrow. I woke up this morning slightly overwhelmed but excited to begin. Ten minutes into my drive to the skating rink I was rear-ended by another car. Kaboom on the plan.

First off, I had to spend an hour of my day talking to the police and the insurance company. Then I had to go to the doctor who suggested bed rest for the remainder of the day with ice on my back and neck. I need to drive an hour each day for the next few days to return to the doctor and I'm forbidden to skate for at least the rest of the week. My work plan for the afternoon, another rewrite due to my agent as soon as possible, isn't working out so well as I try to find a comfortable position. Add that to the fact that the I need to go to the body shop to have my car appraised, I need to grocery shop, and somehow fix the two sinks leaking in my house and my dishwasher and my plan for the day is foiled.

The activities of the day made me think about how many times in life I've made a plan only to have it changed right out of the gate. Often, I've wondered if I should stop making any kind of plan. Maybe I'm meant to live for the moment, get done what I can and let the rest go. Is life telling me that plans aren't worthwhile? I'm uncertain.

Then I began to think about the moments when I promised myself I would act a certain way towards life - laugh more, relax, enjoy life deeper only to have some kind of catastrophe hit and send me flying emotionally. Do these things happen to show me that I don't have any control or do challenges get placed to determine my drive for how badly I want something?

The only thing I know, is that I can focus on the phooey (my technical term for pain in the butt stuff that happened today) that got in my way or I can decide that it's a speed bump and that's all. I think today, I'm just going to go with the flow: get done what I can; rest my body; and realize that speed bumps aren't ever going to stop me from pursuing what I really desire.