The Energy Within - DreamsCo

On Monday morning, as I was driving I found myself stressed about how I would accomplish everything this week. Instead of allowing the worry to take over, I calmed my mind and stole away to the silence. I slowed my breath and focused on my surroundings: the bright yellow mustard; the green rolling hills; the movement of the cars; the dark storm clouds. By the time I reached my destination calmness had folded over me like a warm blanket. My worries were still chatting in the back of my head, but they'd gone from a huge monster to a fuzzy pet. One of the things I do in meditation is imagine every cell of my body glowing and vibrating happiness. As I took the time to see this I thought about how many atoms are in each cell that make up my body. According to the National Geographic: Each cell in the human body contains about 100 times as many atoms as there are stars in the Milky Way. We know the Milky Way has 0ver 100 billion stars. So 100 billion x 100 = 100 trillion atoms in each cell.

When you think about the fact that in each one of our cells there are 100 more atoms than there are stars in the Milky Way it's rather magnificent. Furthermore, the fact that nuclear energy, one of the most powerful energy sources on the planet, is created by splitting atoms you begin to see how abundant the energy in our body really is. When you also realize that each human being, along with the grass, trees, flowers, rivers, and even the air contain this massive amount of energy you can't deny the miraculous energy of life.

So what's your excuse for not having everything you desire? You were given this incredible miracle of a body. Are you really going to let your thoughts, puffs of air in your head, stop your unlimited source of energy body from having the life you were meant to live?