The Courage to Leap - DreamsCo

I'm honored today to share my blog with my guest writer, Sherrie Phillips. Sherrie wrote to me a few weeks back telling me how she decided to change her life by taking a leap of faith and pursuing her own life list of dreams. Since I want 101 Dreams Come True not just to be about my story, but a place for people to receive the encouragement and support to really live from their deepest passions, I'm excited that Sherrie was willing to share her story with all of my faithful readers. This is her story in her own words. From Sherrie:

So I've finally taken the leap of faith to start a new phase of my life. A couple of things happened simultaneously about two years ago. I helped a friend move who was going through a divorce. This started me thinking about where I was in life. At the time, I'd been single for several years, my son had moved away and I was left with a home I loved but that was too big for one person. I was also in a job that didn't fulfill my artistic desires. Though I enjoyed my life, there was something missing - my passion for art and travel. I wanted more but my house and day job kept me tied down.

I had longed for a creative life since I was a child, but, like most of us, I followed the more conventional and traditional path. About the same time I helped my friend move, I found Marci's blog site and started following her progress of realizing her 101 Dreams. I sat down and made my own list. As much as I loved my home I knew it was time to downsize. After doing some repairs I put the house on the market, and it sold this past Christmas. I've moved into a cozy one bedroom "crash pad" and banked the money. I hired a life coach to help me reorganize my life and I gave my notice at work. I'll be leaving my job at the end of March. My boss was upset. He asked what he could do, change, etc. to make me happy. I told him it wasn't about that. I knew that at the end of my life I would not be wishing I'd spent more time sitting in my cubicle! The only thing you can take with you in the end is the people and experiences you've created and I want more.  I've been taking painting classes for about 10 years and have steadily sold most of  my work. I've also done murals, decluttering, and redecorating projects. But it's long been a dream of mine to pursue the painting as a lifestyle and to incorporate writing and travel into it somehow.

Watching Marci so diligently pursue her dreams has been a great inspiration. I've learned from her process as she's made plans, yet  makes room for synchronicities. I appreciate how she writes about her fears and faces them anyway. It's obvious that fulfilling the life of your dreams takes imagination, perseverance and courage. But it has become painfully obvious to me that I can take those steps or continue to lead the life of quiet desperation. I have a plan. I have a great network of support and finally the faith to know that I will figure it out as I go along.

Thank you Marci for being brave enough to share your process!