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Walking Through Machu Piccu in the Mist - DreamsCo



I looked at the mountains surrounding Machu Piccu and saw a rainbow that seemed to rise from the valley below. When I arrived in the late afternoon to Machu Piccu, the sun had been shining, the sky blue, but as the afternoon grew to evening a light rain fell over the ancient city sending most tourists to the buses.

When the rain had stopped, and the clouds had lifted, a soft mist embraced the old stones. I walked alone in complete silence except for the sound of the wind. A guard came up to me and began to move along since the Unesco site was near closing. He saw the peaceful look on my face and he took my hand, leading me to what I thought was the exit, but instead he brought me down into the Temple of the Condor. There he made a gesture that he would give me five minutes alone.

I realized how blessed I was to have this moment. How many people get to stand alone in Machu Piccu where thousands visit each day. This place was one of my biggest dreams. I'd wanted to see it since I was nine years old and learned of the Inca culture, and now I was here, standing alone amazed.

The next morning I rose early and took the bus from Aquas Caliente at the base of the hill up to the park. On the way, I met a tour guide Andy, who offered to show me around the site after he was done with his tours. He sent me into the park while he waited for people and once again I had it to myself. I climbed to the astrological point and in the mist I stood alone.

I moved on climbing Wainhu Piccu, the mountain close to the ruins. The steep climb left me soaked from the mist, but and as I came to the rise and looked down, the clouds cleared and I was able to see the entire ruins.

I met with Andy a few hours later and he brought me to the best points to see the ruins and explained Inca history as we talked about life and love and our different cultures. As the time drew near for me to leave, he took me to a quiet place - at this point tourists were everywhere - he made me close my eyes and in a meditative voice he described what life was like when the Incas lived in this beautiful place living in tune with nature, Pacchumama, Pachupappa, the seasons, each other. No one fought to be better for there was enough for everyone. They lived by three rules: never lie, never be lazy, never cheat. It was those three rules that would be their downfall years before they finished this Inca town. They trusted that the Spaniards, who they thought were the sun gods, would live by these same rules. In the end they abandoned Machu Piccu so that it wouldn't be found by the people who took everything from them.

When I opened my eyes I felt as if I'd been transported back in time and the peace of this magical place will be in my heart forever.