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For five and a half years I've been pursuing my list of dreams. It started with a question, "What If I wasn't afraid and didn't play by the rules?" By asking that one question my life drastically changed. I'm humbled by all that I've gotten to experience and the people I've met who've become friends. I've seen the world, become a published author, spoken in front of crowds, learned new skills, and I've flown literally and metaphorically. But now it's come to a point where my journey needs to become about others. I guess it's true, when you're selfish and fulfill your needs you have more to give back to the world. I've gained so much that now it's time to share. I felt so alone when I made my list, but as I embark on this part of the journey I'm no longer walking alone. I have a vision of a community of dreamers. People coming together to name their dreams and to pursue them together.

I want this to be a movement of people who don't settle in life but reach for magnificence, because only in dreaming can we see the life we're meant to live. I believe a world filled with people who achieve their dreams will be a world that's safer, kinder, more giving, and loving because we all know that we need a little good news these days!

To be honest I have no idea how I'm going to do this, but I'm just walking this path and figuring it out as I go. 

Staying True to Yourself - DreamsCo

Before I made this list of dreams I spent most of my time trying to please others. I felt joy and love when my friends and family were happy. When I began to live for myself things changed for many people. I wasn't as available to fulfill their lives. I was still willing to be there for a friend whenever they needed me, but my focus turned more internal. As I achieved my dreams and began to live a life that over-flowed, there were people who judged me: I've been told that I'm selfish for the way I live my life; that I'm too outgoing; my long-time friend told me that she no longer respected my life. My relationship failed because he wanted me to be someone who stayed close to home. By going after my dreams I have lost many people and it stings my heart. What's strange is that I tried to bring these friends along for the ride. I asked them to salsa dance or go skating. I shared my dreams and asked them to join me on my travels. Some friends cheered me on and asked to join. Others saw only what they would lose or their jealousy. If they would listen they would know that this journey isn't easy. I get scared, and for once I need the support from my loved ones.

In the end I can only be me. The person I want to be right now is the one that's willing to settle for nothing less than magnificence in her life. I'm proud of myself and this journey and I won't change for anyone. If someone really loves a person, shouldn't they want them to have everything they desire?