It's About Hard Work - DreamsCo

About four years ago the book The Secret became very popular. Oprah featured the authors on her show and the Law of Attraction was on everyone's lips. I'm a big believer in the Law of attraction. At ten years old my mother taught me to visualize what I desired. My journey of going after my dreams has been an incredible example of how the law works. I chose to focus on my dreams and a miracle happened in my life - they began to come true. Now with that said, there's a second part to this story. So many people believe that if they close their eyes and visualize everything will simply come to them. I think the perfect example is a quote from Mark Victor Hansen author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and one of the authors featured in The Secret. Someone said to him at a seminar, "I've watched The Secret everyday and nothing has happened." Mark responded, "Well what did you do to get what you desired? Stop watching the video and go out and live it." In the video, Mark speaks about visualizing making $100,000 in a year when he was making only $24,000 and that visualizing helped him to achieve it. But what he doesn't mention is that he spent thousands on advertising to get publicity so that his business could grow. He did visualize, but then he followed the path that opened to him and worked extremely hard to become a best seller.

As a figure skater, visualization can help me to achieve my dreams. When I run through moves or my program in my mind the neurons actually fire as if I'm actually doing the activity. This allows me to practice while I'm driving my car or falling asleep. But if I don't get out on the ice, push my body, and practice until I'm exhausted I won't improve. What's more, if I want to really improve I have to push past what I believe I can do and reach for more.

Right now I'm at the point in my journey where I've accomplished sixty of my dreams (I still need to write-up a few of my accomplished dreams) and I'm actively pursuing three of my biggest goals right now. If I want the rest of my list to come true I need to work hard. This part of the journey isn't as exciting to write about. It doesn't have the glitz of living in Florence or the adventure of hang gliding. Pictures of me sitting at my computer for twelve hours a day while I rewrite my fiction novel aren't exciting. If I wrote about the hours spent working on advertising for my other business you would probably yawn. But to me this is an exciting time. I'm working hard to go after my dreams, taking the opportunities the Law of Attraction has brought to me and giving everything I have to all that I do. There are days I break down from exhaustion and times when I wonder if I can keep going, but always I keep my mind focused on my goal - a life lived experiencing one glorious dream after another. Sometimes that just takes a tremendous amount of hard work.

People always take pictures with their arms raised in victory when they reach the top of the mountain, but the truth is that you have to go through the huffing and puffing to get to the top. Sometimes you need to start on a smaller hill to get in shape in order to reach the summit of a big peak.

So if you think that I've been waving my magic wand and making my dreams come true, this is the wake-up call. I'm working, trying, striving just like you. I'm simply keeping the focus of my goal in mind that I want to have it all.