Ready for a Reset - DreamsCo

In one week I will be landing in London. After hours of research I have my hotel reserved. I think maybe it's time for me to find a new way of booking travel. I've spent over fifty hours researching this trip and that doesn't include the days planning S. America. Many people can buy a guide book, reserve their first night's hotel and then wing it from there. I tried that once. I ended up in a brothel in Paris then in a gross youth hostel. When I'm with friends I don't mind winging it. It becomes part of the adventure. Maybe if I was in a different space, being loose about my plans would be okay, but I don't feel like winging things right now.  I want to go and simply enjoy the places I'm visiting. Part of the problem is that I have princess taste on a mid-range budget. So the extra research allows me to stay in places I know I will enjoy. Last night I spent four hours researching hotels online. You would not believe how many places in London are tiny, run-down, noisy, bed bug-ridden rooms at astronomical prices. But I found a clean, comfortable, hotel near Wembley with great reviews and I booked it for two hundred dollars less than advertised price by taking the risk and using hotwire.

I'm still a little overwhelmed by all I need to do before leaving. I have to book my flight to Italy and I'm finding the transfers between London airports are long and expensive and don't match up since I will be coming in from Glasgow the same day I will be leaving for Italy. I also have to book my nights in Scotland, but I might wing that part.

So between spending the last two months learning everything possible about web design, media kits, seo's, doing interviews for press, dealing with relationship issues, fighting the flu, skating my heart out, and putting my house on the market, I'm ready for a reset button. I know that at this moment I've done everything I can to guide my life in the direction I would like to see it go. Now all that is left to do (after the long to-do list I need to accomplish this week) is to let go and see what happens.

Last night I was exhausted and overwhelmed and it felt like the wrong time to take this trip. Then a friend reminded me that I'm going to have the time of my life. All I've been seeing is the work and the travel arrangements and in that I forgot how amazing it is that I get to travel. That's where the reset button comes in. In trying to share this experience with the world, and in the pursuit of an entire list of dreams I've forgotten that this journey is about living life to the fullest and loving it all the way. I think getting on the road and making my dreams come true will definitely reset my mind.