Out of Grumpiness into Happiness - DreamsCo

I woke up overwhelmed this morning with how much I needed to do today. I'm certain you know the feeling of the long list that feels too tight for the hours in the day. The stress started to rise and I found myself feeling a little short with people in emails that needed to be sent before 7 am and I didn't even like my own company. Before the day became one of those days where my mood created drama and frustration I stopped, centered, took a deep breath and remembered to be grateful: I'm going to New York tomorrow to celebrate my birthday. My business is growing and I have designers helping me to create a new brand that's been my vision for almost a year. My book is in production. I have incredible friends planning great things for my birthday. I get to go skating today. My family is doing well. It's a beautiful sunny day and the jasmine smells incredible.

Oh yeah, instant mood lifter. Now I can face the long to-do list.