My Biggest Dream Came True - DreamsCo

On November 4, 2012 my biggest dream came true. Though it's the 64th dream I've completed on my list of 101 Dreams Come True it's the number one thing I've wanted most of my life. I signed a book deal with a major publisher for my women's fiction novel. For almost a week I've walked around in a daze oscillating between sheer joy and a feeling that this can't be real. I figure if I say it aloud enough times it will sink in, but instead I feel like a little girl playing make believe every time I say, "I signed a book deal with Simon and Schuster. I love my new editor and she wants me to write a book a year."

If you've been following this blog you know that over the summer I was about to give up. I felt that I wanted too much in life and that I was out of steam. Many times I cried as I realized I'd been working for years on projects without any compensation and I didn't know if financially I could keep going. I felt like my figure skating was stuck, my relationships hurtful, and all in all I just wanted to quit and hide in a hole.

What I've learned on this journey is that no matter what happens I have to continue to move forward because to quit would hurt too much. Also, it's right after I'm about to give up but decide to keep going that everything comes to fruition.

Now I stand on the brink of everything I desire. Though many people think I'm wealthy because I signed a book deal it doesn't quite work that way. I still have to make my bridal company a success. There's a tremendous amount of work ahead as I do another revision on my book with my editor/publisher. But I can see the path to the rest of my dreams and if this dream of becoming a professional published author can come true, then there's nothing I can't make happen.

Many times people think that I have a magic wand that sprinkles pixie dust over my life. In truth, I've worked hard, taken tremendous risk, and felt as if I was jumping off cliffs without knowing if the parachute would open (heck sometimes I wondered if I even had a parachute). What I'm learning is that anything is possible as long as I have the determination, drive, and the willingness to be flexible while continuing to learn.

There's no magic wand to life. If you want something you better go after it, because I'll tell you there's no better feeling than making your most impossible dream come true.