Motivation vs. Joy - DreamsCo

Today I went to a social network meeting to try to learn  about this web stuff. When I made this list of dreams I didn't plan on putting it up for the world to see. I'm a technology....hmmmm how do I put it......I'm not incapable, I just hate being bothered. If I'm on my computer I want to be writing, not dealing with codes, marketing, and uploading. Yuck! The good news....I might have found someone to help me. I was planning on leaving when a motivational speaker joined us and his presentation got me thinking.

I liken motivational speakers to that of a triple shot of espresso. They stand in front of their audience, speaking quickly and with zeal much like Evangelist priests. They have tricks, little exercises that make you see the power of positive thinking with your own eyes. They list off their impressive resumes, and always tell you the sob story of what they've overcome. Like advertisements on television, that make you long for a better, richer, fuller life,  they are hoping to sell you their secrets. You dish out the cash and return home excited for your new life to begin. You make lists of what you will accomplish: better health, more cash, stronger relationships, and brighter career.

For a small percentage of type A personalities these techniques work, but for many, just like with the latest fad diet, the program fails within weeks. The caffeine-like adrenaline high wears off and the slump occurs. Time passes. Life doesn't change. You feel like sludge as you believe that you are incapable of accomplishing anything since you failed this program. Then another seminar, book, or program comes along and you find yourself back looking for the next magic key.

Just as diets don't work long term, neither does motivation. Maybe because it's exhausting. You have to constantly push yourself and maintain a high energy level. I was once a very motivated person, and I was always stressed. It wasn't until I made my list of 101 dreams that I found the power of joy.

I love to skate. I can't wait to do it. I'll do off-ice training so that I can skate for longer periods of time. I can salsa dance all night. There was a time I spent hours in the gym beating my body into submission. I hated every minute and couldn't wait for it to be over. Now, I'm sad when I have to leave the ice or the dance floor due to exhaustion.

When we do the things we love, when we look for joy in our lives, a natural energy occurs. Kind of like the stamina and health that comes from eating and sleeping well vs. caffeine. When we look forward to enjoying our passions we are more fulfilled.

There's a life waiting for you. The best way to find it isn't motivation, but meditation. When you go inside you'll find what really brings you joy, and you won't need caffeine to achieve it - you'll have true excitement. Think about the last vacation you went on. You didn't need to be motivated to go - you were excited. Find what makes you excited. That's the true key to living a good life.