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Lust is considered a mortal sin that takes you away from the presence of God and poisons your mind with thoughts of physical pleasure. The church lectures that lust is to be suppressed and to even think a lustful thought about another who isn't your married partner is considered adultery.

In my research, I found that the Seven Deadly Sins weren't from the Bible: not the Old Testament, The New Testament, nor The Gospel. Instead, the idea of the Seven Deadly Sins was created for monks who had chosen to live a spiritually devoted life; to have pride, lust, anger, greed, gluttony, envy, or to be sloth-like would not only make it hard to uphold their vows, but these emotions would also create problems amongst the community. But these sins were taken further than the hallowed walls of the monasteries and placed on human kind. To turn away from lust has created what I consider a deeper sin: the suppression of joy, passion, and sexuality which in turn has created guilt and a crudeness to something spiritual and deeply beautiful.

The Websters Dictionary defines lust as pleasure, delight, personal inclination, intense or unbridled sexual desire, an intense longing, enthusiasm, and eagerness. These words don't seem sinful to me. Instead, they call to the soul to be desirous of life and all that can be felt and experienced.

When I placed the dream, To Really Experience Lust, on my list of 101 Dreams Come True, it wasn't just about sexual desire. I had known the rush of a first kiss and the way my body responded to another, but at that time in my life I lived by rules about pleasure. I was more about hard work, struggle, and perfection. To know true lust, to be swept away by enjoyment not just of the body but of the world and life, seemed a distant capability.

What I've learned on this journey of going after my dreams is that we're meant to be pleasurable beings, but we've forgotten what true lust feels like. This kind of passion has nothing to do with one night stands or finding fulfillment in another person to fill a void. It's not about gorging on chocolate or buying expensive clothing and toys. It's definitely not about the sex we see on television.

Lust is about having an appetite for that which is pleasurable; It's a hunger to taste life. To experience its truth one must know thyself.  It's when you're comfortable in your own skin, when life has opened up in a glorious way and pleasure comes from tasting something decadent, feeling joy in a raindrop on a spring day, or in the simple happiness of being alive that you can know real passion. Then when sexual lust does happen you are free to let go and experience it - the touch that melts all thought, your breathing and heart rate quickening, becoming so lost in physical sensations you flow with a tide of energy that lifts you beyond this world to one of complete pleasure. It is said that true meditation is when all thought has ceased and you experience the present moment. Therefor lust is not a sin but a way to connect to that which creates life.

We are meant to be lustful creatures. For if we weren't meant to taste, touch, smell, feel, and see the pleasures of life then we wouldn't have been given these amazing bodies from which all our human experiences come. Lust is our birthright.