It's Never Too Late to Make Your Dreams Happen - DreamsCo

We are a nation focused on youth. We believe we must be successful early in life. We push our young to peak in sports by the time they're teenagers and we're amazed when a man or women in their thirties still competes professionally. We think we must accomplish everything before thirty. When that doesn't happen we try to complete our lists by forty. It seems that if we've come to a certain age and haven't accomplished our dreams the chance has passed never to return. I've heard the comment, "Well I used to dream about doing things, but then life happened and I grew up." People are constantly trying to push back the clock with serums, plastic surgery, and supplements. They're so afraid of aging. Part of the reason is the change in their appearance, but I believe it's more about the dreams that have been unrealized. By a certain age they expected to be in a place in their lives, and when it didn't happen they try to grab more time.

It's never too late to realize a dream. Maybe it won't look the same. I'm never going to go to the Olympics to compete in skating. Sure, I could try by pushing my body for five hours per day on the ice six days per week, but for me it's not worth it. The fact that I get to step onto the ice and live my passion is life fulfilling.

Recently, at a world recreational skating competition, I had the chance to meet an eighty-four-year-old skater. This woman amazed the crowd. She competed in over five events doing programs from one to two minutes in length. Programs aren't easy. To skate consistently for two minutes makes a young girl breath heavy. This woman jumped, spun, and did spirals. When I spoke with her she said, "You either move or you die. I do what I love and that keeps me young. Age is all in your mind no matter what you look like on the outside."

So with that said, I hope this video inspires you to go after life with gusto - to move towards your dreams without thought to age. My friend recorded this video from the stands and it's hard to see but this woman was twirling batons while skating.