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I've heard many women say that it's simply too hard when you have a family to make your dreams a priority. There's barely any time in the day as it is how are they going to pursue their dreams? These are things I can't speak on so I've turned to an expert on the subject Lara Krupicka, who has three children and a bucket-list of dreams she's pursuing. I thought I'd have her share her insights on today's blog.

I'm a Mom. And I Have a List.

by Lara Krupicka

I’m a mom. I have a husband, three daughters, a dog… and a bucket list.

Because bucket lists are for moms. And dads. They’re for gradeschoolers, tweens, and teens. Really, a bucket list works for anyone who is living, right?


A bucket list about what you want to do before you die. But it’s more than that. It’s about making the most of what time you have. It is about giving your best and becoming your best for the world around you.

Yes, life as a mom can be pretty demanding. And it doesn’t leave a lot of room for mom-centered activities or adventures. But if something is worth putting on a list to do in your lifetime, it is worth being creative about fulfilling. It’s worth being patient for.

Admittedly, bucket list living looks a lot different for me than it does for others. I came home from my first spa day to greet my children as they arrived in the door from school. And then I started preparing dinner. And finished folding the laundry. Thank goodness for no-chip manicures!

But I also took my first ride on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty with three young ladies crowded around me. I had the double joy of observing the Statue up close for myself, and seeing it reflected through the eyes of the next generation. I experienced the perplexity that is tweens and teens in the city – the waffling between “grown-up” non-chalance and wide-eyed wonder. New York City with them became new all over again.


You see, having children does not subtract from my bucket list experiences. Instead it adds to them in ways I could never have imagined.

So let me ask you this: if you’re a mom (or one day plan to become a mom), where better to nurture your love for adventure than alongside your kids?

Which means it has to start with you. And so I often ask moms, ‘do you have a bucket list? What have you always wanted to try or see or learn?’

Too often I hear the answer, ‘I don’t know.’

And that’s okay.

But I think the real answer is, ‘I forgot.’ Because every mom I know was a little girl once. A little girl with dreams. A little girl with hopes for the future. A little girl who maybe longed to one day become a mommy… and so much more.

Because bucket lists are for everyone, even moms.

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