How am I going to do this? - DreamsCo

Last year, without even trying, I checked off four big dreams in the first three months. This year I've only accomplished three small ones in five and a half months. At this rate, I feel I'm never going to finish it. One good thing did happen that might move me towards one of my dreams. I'm a huge Patriot's fan and one of my dreams is to go to Gillette stadium to watch a game. Tickets have been impossible to get since they won their first Super Bowl. Plus, I live three thousand miles away. My mom called me last week and told me that she'd won Patriot's tickets in the lottery. Now my mom doesn't like football. She has no desire to go to a game, but she walked into the convenience store to buy a scratch ticket and something told her to buy a Patriot's lottery ticket. She won two tickets to the game, free parking, entrance to the official tailgate, and fifty dollars.  My cousin has turned the ticket in and I'm awaiting news of when I will need to fly home. So maybe magic is still working in my favor when it comes to the list. What were the chances of my mom winning these tickets?

But I'm trying to figure out how to make the rest of my dreams come true.

I'm a fiction writer. I have an agent in New York who's trying to sell my first novel. That dream is completely out of my control, but at least it's moving forward. The dream of having my book made into a movie in the next two and a half years seems impossible, but I will keep hoping.

I'm taking a skating test this Saturday which will move me one step closer to passing my Senior Moves. The next three tests will push me harder than I've ever skated, and I will have to move through a lot of fear to complete this dream within two and a half years.

Then there's the travel part. It will take almost forty weeks to see all the places I want to see. I wonder if I shouldn't leave behind my life, rent out my house, and go on a round the world trip. It would be the fastest way, but I would be away from my home life, which I love, for a long time. If I give up almost a year of skating, I might not be able to pass my tests. Plus, I will have to figure out the financial aspect. This trip doesn't consist of sleeping in hostels. I want to do some very expensive traveling: seeing Mt. Gorillas, and rafting the Futaleufu in Chile.

So if you think for one moment that I'm a rich girl going after her dreams with a large bank roll, think again. I'm average. Just like you, working to make a living. I just want so much for my life and I'm going to find a way. It has to be there or else why would this drive to complete my list be so strong?

So I will be brave today and figure out which dream to go after next. I will put doubt aside and say, "This is mine."