Gratitude for a Trash Bin - DreamsCo

I had a moment yesterday when I was grateful for a recycling bin. I know it sounds crazy, but as I gathered my mail and placed the overflowing pile of flyers into the bin, I realized how lucky I was to have a home. This was my recycling bin where I could place my trash and someone would take it away. I looked down at the envelopes in my hand, and though there was a bill for my health insurance premium, a sense of gratitude flooded my stomach as I realized that I had the money to pay it. I stared at my house, this place that gave me a sense of security, and it felt like a hug around my body.
Someone I know is sad today, broken without the strength to move forward. Everyone knows the darkness of pain when tragedy happens and how deep it can hurt. Today I'm grateful that I can notice the beautiful trees brilliant with color, for my warm comfortable bed, and my fluffy down comforters. I'm grateful for friends and family, for my cat curled against me. I'm grateful that I can give my friend a safe place to land.
There are many moments on this journey when I wonder how I'm going to accomplish everything I desire. I focus on my goals, and I take the steps to achieve my dreams. I get scared and frustrated as I worry about failure. Sometimes I forget to be grateful that I'm in a position to at least try for everything I want. Many people are in survival mode.
Hug someone today. Pay attention to the little details of this amazing world. Tell the people in your life you love them. Realize your abundance. It's easy to complain about the things we wish were different, but it just makes us miserable. There is enough real pain in the world and horrendous heartache. Don't let the small stuff stop you from realizing how amazing your life is right now.