Gratitude - DreamsCo

  I walked into the peaceful quiet of St. Cronan church. Columns rose in a semi-circle surrounded by large windows which gave view to the lake and allowed the sunlight to caress the wooden altar and stone walls in a soft light. The porous surface of the wall, infused with centuries of burned incense, smelled of spice. I walked in a meditative state, relaxing after my intense drive on winding, small roads with oncoming traffic speeding towards me as I prayed I wouldn't collide. I walked outside and looked at the tremendous view. Wow, was my only thought as it had been many times in the last week. Snow-capped mountains surrounded a deep blue lake. Off in the distance was an abandoned castle on the edge of the royal blue water. The bright sky had swirls of soft clouds and a light breeze caused goosebumps on my skin.

I breathed in the fresh air and thought back to the last week: staying on the waterfront in Oban and watching the sun set across the bay each night as I drank wine; walking the hill to an abandoned tower and overlooking the green pastures dotted with sheep; getting lost many times on tiny roads and not caring because the scenery was so tremendous; eating the best fish and chips I've ever had along with Scottish pie; seeing castles at every turn.

I looked at the stone walls of the church. Instead of gargoyles there were bunnies jutting out of the bricks. I thought of my friends Dave and Leann and the pictures they'd sent me the day before of their flowering garden decorated with bunnies. These two people have become a treasure in my life - family. I recalled the emails from friends and family supporting my travels, but also wishing me to come home soon because I was missed. How did my life get this amazing?

In that moment, I remembered the day I made my list. I was broken, feeling as if the pain in my heart would never end. I prayed for something to lift how alone and scared I felt. I don't know why I made that list of dreams. I don't know how it happened, but from that moment my life changed. Not that there hasn't been tough times or heartache, but there have been more blessings, adventures, friendships, love, happiness, and amazement than anything else.

I stood staring at the water grateful for how full my life had become.