Come From A Pretty Place - DreamsCo

My skating coach Kris Amerine has been pushing me to be better, to strive for more, to believe in myself. One day, as she was trying to teach me something new she said, "Could you come from a pretty place first? I teach you something and in your fear of getting it wrong you lumber around like a spaz. Start from a place of grace and joy. You can be a mediocre skater or you can rise and be remembered." At that moment my posture changed, I felt the music, and I transformed. Two months ago, I was coming from a hard place. I'd lost trust in people, I was pushing for everything I desired but felt stuck in a rut. Everything felt wrong. Then about three weeks ago I took the time to meditate and enter a state of gratitude. I decided that I would spend at least ten minutes before I started my day being grateful. Kind of like starting my day from a pretty place.

Within hours my magic returned. People reacted to me differently. I forgave those I felt had done me wrong and let go of anger. Days later my business began to grow faster, the frustration in skating broke, I met people who brought adventure and laughter to my life, I found my ultimate salsa dancing partner, hiked in Yosemite, ended up with a trip to Kauai, flew an airplane, started landing things in skating I couldn't do before, and went to a party at Castella Di Amarosa. In three weeks time I went from a place of feeling emotionally battered to I'm so incredibly grateful for the abundance and beauty in my life.

It's easy to let our fears, frustrations, and heartaches hit us hard. When we come from a hard place emotionally it seems as if the universe is against us beating us with a baseball bat. But it's easy to change things around by stopping and remembering everything that is good - reconfiguring your inner space to a pretty place.

As a society we've come to believe that life is supposed to be hard, frustrating and include incredible pain. There's a belief that struggle is the only way to succeed. But if you look at nature, it grows without fear, struggle, or anguish. A tree root will break through concrete placed over it because it only knows to grow abundantly. We are like nature. We are meant to live as big as possible, growing exponentially. When we struggle it's because we believe in our minds that life has done us wrong. But to come from a pretty place, to accept what is and to be grateful for life - well that changes everything.