Bards in Tights, Dancing Through the Night, and Swinging In Hammocks - DreamsCo

51 Dreams Left to Complete 101 Dreams Come True I knew my weekend was going to be good when it started on a Thursday night sitting by the bright blue waters of Lake Tahoe. As the sun set, my friend and I feasted on a picnic while three men took on the task of performing the complete works of William Shakespeare Abridged at the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. I love Shakespeare and there is no better place to experience it than sitting on a beach surrounded by mountains with the sound of lapping water in the distance. It gives the work a surreal romantic effect.

Of course this year, the romance wasn't quite the same. Instead of the typical Shakespearean experience of serious literature, the three actors wore neon pink, yellow, and green tights with Converse high tops with period clothing. To give you some idea of how insane the show became I quote, "To be or not to be, that is the question....Bella I sparkle in the sunlight, do you love me or do you love Jacob?" The show was campy, raunchy, and utterly hilarious. I laughed till my cheeks were covered in salt from the tears.

On Saturday night I attended the Wanderlust Yoga and Music Festival. We sat ten feet from Moby as he played an acoustic set. The music seemed to vibrate the mountains with beauty and tranquility. Children sat in their parent's laps or stood on their shoulders and it felt like an innocence flowed through the crowd.

As the hours went by, the music revved in intensity. We danced to reggae and then to techno. Fire-dancers performed on stage and throughout the crowd. I lost myself in the music letting it move me until I felt like I had disappeared into the night sky, the stars, the mountains, and the beauty around me (I wasn't doing drugs, I don't partake. The high I speak of is a natural one that comes from losing yourself in the present moment, forgetting the ego and the mind, and letting go to life).

The next day found me on a beach, swinging in a hammock while I took in the scenery around me. I had no desire to move or to even read. I was content, looking at the beauty of my surroundings while I relaxed.

It was a sensual weekend: I felt the world around me; saw it's beauty; tasted great food; drank beautiful wines; felt loved by friendship; listened to great art; and touched life and all that is wonderful.

As I sat in a Jacuzzi bubble bath, drinking wine and eating chocolate covered strawberries and blueberries, I thought, this is why I began this journey - to taste life bigger, to experience the decadence of the world, and by some amazing gift I'm doing it in a more magnificent way than I ever thought possible.

The next two weeks will be about living life this way. I'm off to pack to begin my journey to make two more of my dreams come true. I will be heading to Oregon tomorrow. I've never seen this state, and though it isn't formally on my list of dreams, it's a place I've always wanted to see. From Portland I will go to Vancouver to complete my dream of seeing this area.  I'm blessed by the fact that a friend is bringing me to enjoy her family while showing me the city.

If the weather is in my favor, which I pray it will be, I will head to Whistler to go hang gliding in Pemberton with Gravity Sports. I've spoken briefly to Jon who will be making this dream of mine come true. I love his attitude about why he enjoys flying tandem hang gliding. As he put it, "I'm more than happy to help you on your quest Marci. That is the biggest reason I do tandems. My mission is to offer a fun and professional flying experience, using the combination of the best equipment and techniques to hopefully making people's flying dreams become a reality. I love to watch their joy afterward. It's such a rewarding and satisfying vibe, giving me an inner glow that tends to last a while."

Last night, I saw that someone quoted me on their blog and then made a list of their own of 101 Dreams Come True. By doing what I love, I've made others feel that they can do it as well. I love that Jon from Gravity Sports does what he loves and in the process is able to enhances people's lives.

It's thought to be selfish to go after what we love for personal reasons, but by being selfish and living our dreams, we effect the world around us. I believe it is everyone's right and responsibility to live a life of fulfillment. You never know how it will ultimately change the world.