Are You Worth It? - DreamsCo

47 Dreams Left on the Way to Completing 101 Dreams Come True Today marks the first day of the newly redesigned website for 101 dreams come true. I feel like I'm in a shiny new home. It's strange, one week ago I had no idea that I was going to redesign the website. For two months I had worked non-stop on large projects and I was mentally exhausted and ready for a break. I knew at some point the site needed to be redesigned, but not having any knowledge of how to do it, I had put the project off until next year.

But life had a different plan. On the week I was going to take a vacation, I  woke at 2 a.m. on Monday and couldn't go back to sleep. For some reason I opened my laptop and began searching for ways to redesign my site. Within hours I was working round the clock.

It took me a week to create my new home. I didn't take breaks. I ate horribly, barely exercised or slept, and except for some time in Tahoe skiing over the weekend, I was on my computer working. There were moments I thought my brain would melt into a mushy puddle. But this is where my type A personality came in handy. I couldn't leave the project until it was done. No matter how many roadblocks I hit, I kept going.

The long hours of work in the last few months have taught me that I do have the will and determination I need to complete my 101 dreams come true list. Finding the knowledge to redesign a website made me realize that somehow I'm guided on a path and if I just follow it, it will bring me to where I want to be. (Course next week I might be afraid again. Do you mind sending me back to this blog when I start freaking out later?)

I realized something else during this time. On Sunday, while attending mass, I listened to the congregation say, "Lord I'm not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I shall be healed." For years, I've changed the wording around in my head to say, "Thank you for letting me know how worthy I am to enjoy this beautiful gift of life."

It dawned on me that many people don't feel worthy. There's something inside on a base level that expects punishment and hardship, but not the deepest joy life can bring. I wondered, if a person's underlying belief is that they aren't worthy, then how can they ever believe that they deserve all their dreams to come true? Realize I'm not blaming the church for making people feel this way. I believe this prayer is part of the mass and the culture of many religions because so many people forget how worthy they are of the life they've been given. That's why in the end of the saying there's resolution "But only say the word and I shall be healed."

You don't have to be anything more to receive the gifts of sunlight, the beauty of nature, or love. You can start at any moment appreciating the little details of pleasure: the taste of chocolate, the feel of a cup of tea in the palm of your hand, knowledge that seems to come to from nowhere leading you where you need to go, the smile of a child, laughter, and a hug from a friend or even a stranger.

This life, this earth, has so much wonder to share. When you feel worthy of experiencing it all, it opens up in a way beyond your imagination. You're worth going after your dreams. It takes courage, hard work, sometimes long hours, but each time you do it, you will feel like you can fly.