Aah, The Pleasure of Gluttony - DreamsCo

GLUTTONY IS AN ATTITUDE. An attitude that's all about living life to its filled to the brim/brimming over fullust. Karen Salmansohn The Seven Lively Sins Friday night I was beat. I have to say that when I started this journey of making my dreams come true I didn't really give thought to sharing it with the world. Now, as the website grows and I try to share my journey I have to pay attention to things like media kits, marketing, publicity, and mail. This isn't my strong suit. But if I want to reach as many people as I can, to convince the world to live a fuller life, this business side has to become a part of my world. Too bad this is where most of my fear resides. I sit down to try to figure out my plan and I freeze.

But then I remember that this journey isn't about other people. I'm sharing this because I want others to experience the joy of what's been happening in my life. I want to let people know that it's okay to be afraid of going after your dreams...that the little voice of practicality and negativity sits on my shoulder every day, but that isn't going to stop me no matter what. But what this journey is really about is living out loud. Living as if each day matters. Exploring life and tasting every vibrant morsel. I'm a person who does the right thing. Who worries about others first. Who always does the practical. I don't want to just be this person anymore. I want to play through this world and life and stop taking it so damn seriously.

This is where gluttony comes in. I want to feast on all that is awesome. I want taste every delicious dessert. I want to be ravished by amazing men, fall deeply in love, dance until I drop, and know what it's like to live truly free.

Friday night, when exhaustion hit, I curled into my bubble bath with dark chocolate and a glass of wine. I stopped my head and focused on the moment....and ah the gluttony of all that is yummy about life sunk in.