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52 Dreams Left to Complete 101 Dreams Come True I've been spending some quality time in a hammock along the American river. My friend brought it with him, when he came to visit from Chicago, and we set it up between two trees and spent a leisurely afternoon swinging while we stared at the sunlight coming through the leaves. Unfortunately, this is the only summery thing I've done.

For the most part, my June has been about work. Many opportunities are presenting themselves, doors are opening in unexpected ways, and I've been working long hours. Instead of going after my dreams,  I've been updating the website on the dreams that have already come true. I've been working on business models and marketing strategies in order to spread the idea that making a list of dreams and pursuing those dreams can change your life. I never expected to do any of these things. Heck, I didn't plan on creating a website, but as more people from around the globe find the site, I realize that there's a chance I might be able to inspire others.

I'm also skating my heart out. In order to pursue my dream of passing my senior moves in figure skating, I've been spending over ten hours per week on the ice to pass my next test - novice moves. It's a huge step up from the skater I am. Each time I step on the ice I'm afraid to do the moves, but each day they become easier. A minor fender bender in May slowed my progress when it caused my lower back to spasm, but with chiropractic I'm able to go after my dream. I don't know if I will pass the test, but I'm going to give it everything I have.

So June has been about work. Not that there hasn't been some decadence thrown in. I did go to Los Angeles for my birthday. And the weekend I spent with my friend from Chicago was filled with wine tastings, long lazy hammock naps, fancy dress-up dinners, and a few hours lounging in the park. Oh and I can't forget the decadent chocolate cake I had on Saturday night. But if I want this summer to be amazing I have to start making a plan to go after what I want: white water kayaking, bungee jumping, hang gliding, camping trips, salsa dancing, and a whole lot of outdoor fun.

I think I've built my life so big that I now need three of me to enjoy all of it.

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