A New Thanksgiving Tradition - DreamsCo

I thought it would be fun to put up a challenge this Thanksgiving. Everyone knows the holidays can be filled with many emotions: gratitude for the good; tension and happiness shared with family; new love; sadness over losses; stress about overpacked schedules - oh yes, it's a wonderful and difficult time all at once. What if this year you did something that made you feel really great? You took the time to ask your closest friends and family not just what they're most grateful for, but what dreams are knocking around in the back of their heads that they'd love to do.

Now you may find some resistance. I know I do. I mention dreams and I hear all the reasons why people can't do what they'd love to do someday. But what if you told them that you were going to do something you've always wanted to do this year and you wanted them to kick you in the butt every once in awhile to keep you focused and that you'd be willing to do the same for them.

Then make a pact that this year you'll help each other. Now I'm not saying go to Uncle Sal, who spends most of his days complaining about the weather and the damn news. Find two to four people in your life that matter to you. Tell them that you want to see them make their dreams come true and you need a little help with your own. Talk about why you want the dream and why you're a little scared to go after it.

This is not a competition. No one's dream is harder or better. This is about caring about one another's lives in a deep way.

I know it's scary. I know you might not even know what to go after. But this Thanksgiving ask the question - If you could have anything this year, what would you want?