A Mother's Belief - DreamsCo

After nine hours of sleep last night, I've recovered from the fun this weekend. Friday night was a trip to a 1920's saloon where I did a little swing dancing, made a few friends, and somehow ended up at a truck-stop for pancakes with a strange need to buy a Betty Boop picture frame (I didn't give in to temptation, but at three in the morning it seemed like a great idea). Saturday found me surrounded by friends, music, and art at Sacramento's Art Walk where I won a certificate to a spa. Add in a street festival and a great movie and it was a full weekend. On Sunday, I had the gift of taking my Sacramento mom to brunch for Mother's day. As we sat eating yummy food and listening to the live performers singing in Spanish,  I told my California mom about all the great memories I have of my mother, who I couldn't hug yesterday due to an entire country being between us.

My favorite childhood memory is of my mother wrapping her arms around me and singing, "Me and my baby together are we. Don't know nobody as happy as we. When we're together we're great company. I love my baby, my baby loves me." My mother always sang little ditties and did cute dances to make me smile. Now we talk on the phone once per week for a few hours, and I only see her two to three times per year, yet I don't feel the distance. I carry her in my heart and with every dream come true, I thank her for the gift she gave me.

My mother was the one who taught me to dream. When I was a child, finances were tight and we had very little. My mother worked fifteen years at a job she hated to provide the essentials and the little extras when she could. She wanted more for my brother and I so she taught us meditation, visualization,  and creating vision boards for the things we desired. She told us on a regular basis that we could have our dreams.

I think when I sat in the park that day wondering how to change my life, it was my mother's teachings that brought me to make the list. If I could envision what I wanted then I could achieve it. Her early lessons showed me that life could be miraculous. I guess that's why I've decided to make this journey public - I'm trying to give others the gift my mother gave to me.

Thank you mom, for everything you've given me. With all my love, Marci