6 Ways to Stay Truly Ageless - DreamsCo

Two weeks ago I ran off to Mexico to spend a week on a beach reading good books. To be honest, I was fried. The weeks prior to my departure I felt like I had lost my mind, possibly starting to come down with early onset Alzheimer since I was having blank brain moments more than once per hour. I'd walk into a room and wonder what the heck I had come in for, then remember something else I was supposed to do, only to get to the next room and realize what I was supposed to grab from the last room. Part of the problem is that I walk around with the mega list that needs to be accomplished. Many of my dreams are coming to fruition and there's so much to do. But when  I told people the problems I was experiencing they were happy to tell me that is was a hormonal problem caused by aging. Say what? After I spent seven days on a beach enjoying glorious hours of being a sloth while reading books and eating good food, my lovely brain returned. I was happy to feel it again, and we had a reunion as if we were friends that had been apart for too long. I could once again remember the end of sentences and what I was talking about fifteen seconds before.

While I was in Mexico there was a consistent theme to my conversations. I would tell people that I owned a bridal business, and that I'm a writer and my book  The Lake House would be coming out May 7, 2013 (yes, I have an actual publishing date - woo hoo). People were always amazed that I was willing to travel solo to Mexico and when I told them all the places I'd been in the world they'd ask, "How old are you?" When I explained that I was in my late thirties and not my mid-twenties they didn't believe me. They would ask others in the pool how old they thought I might be. It was all rather embarrassing as strangers stared at my face and demanded that I take my sunglasses off. I might add that I have very blonde eyelashes and when I'm not wearing any make-up, namely mascara, I really have a baby face.

The truth is other people think about my age, and aging in general, more than I do. I don't buy into the whole myth of your body starting to fall apart after 35 or your mind going down hill. I also don't buy into the fertility hype. The other day, I read a very popular blog which stated. A women should marry by 26 so that they can have babies. Therefor in their early twenties they should look for a man the way they would pursue their careers before it gets too late. At any age a woman can have a career, but not a baby. I wanted to reach through the computer and strangle the woman. Yes, because as women our first priority in life is to procreate. For some yes, for others, no. I digress, but so many people love what I do with my life until I tell them my age and then they get so concerned about my damn fertility - like my eggs are any of their business.

When my pool mates finally got off the conversation about my damn uterus and what I could create in it, everyone asked, "What's your secret to looking this young?" Seriously, I've never thought about it until it became such a hot topic on a beach in Mexico. This is what I came up with.

1) I live my life to the fullest going after everything that makes me happy. Stress is a major factor when it comes to the destruction of cells. Look at anyone who's been going through hell and they will look much older than if they were madly in love. So become madly in love with your life and you will look younger.

2) Get up and groove everyday. I met a woman who was still doing the splits and figure skating well into her eighties. Her advice, never stop moving. Our bodies are meant to dance, run, and jump. Look at any kid (well ones who haven't been lured into the seduction of technology) and they will be moving. Adults stop and therefor don't cause all the metabolic fancy stuff that our bodies do to release toxins, make new muscles, and get happy hormones. Find an activity you love and get shakin. And yes, great sex does count.

3) Eat well. Okay, you would think this one was simple. If I put mud in my car it can't run. If I put regular gas it works nice, if I put super duper extreme it's really happy. How come we can't relate this to our bodies? If you water a plant, give it good soil,  and put it in the sun for a couple of  hours it regenerates and grows. Well duh, so does your body. It's not going to regenerate on hydrogenated oils, sugar, fake products created in a lab, coffee, alcohol, or cigarettes. Now a good glass of wine is excellent for health. Good chocolate makes you happy, and a cup of joe is warming, but none of these are enough to provide the nutrients to make new cells. If you want to stay young, you have to renew your body and that takes the right fuel.

4) Wheatgrass juice. This goes along with number 3, but I thought it should have its own line. The green juice from wheatgrass tastes gross - like drinking a mowed lawn. My mother made me drink it when I was a kid and I hated it. But when my cat was diagnosed with cancer and the tumors had metastasized I started to give him wheatgrass juice. In one week, his weight increased, the tumors decreased, the pneumonia and bladder infection was gone along with the internal bleeding. I have to add that I was about to put him down but he was fighting with everything he had to stay alive so I gave him the juice as a last shot. He's now been cancer free for nine months. After that, I started drinking the stuff on a daily basis. So far it's cured another family member of headaches, a friend of hypoglycemia, and has done wonders for my energy.

5)Time is an illusion so therefor so is age. Science wants to tell us what are bodies will do at certain ages, yet so many times it's proven that our bodies are miraculous machines that can overcome anything if we put our minds to it. If you believe that your old and can no longer do things, then that is going to be your reality. If you start making excuses for not having the life of your dreams because of your age, then that too will happen. If you start believing that your youthful and beautiful and forget about the dang number you might just start to feel truly alive. Start checking dreams off your list and you won't feel like you're hurtling towards the grave - but instead romping through life having a ball.

6) Rest. When we're fried in life, when we've gone through emotional upheaval, or we've just worked too hard for too long, we have to rest. In fact, ten minutes of meditation daily is equal to an hour of deep sleep. Our brains and bodies need to recover, but our world is set up for there never to be downtime. And no, Facebook is not downtime!