Breaking Up with Old Ideas

I remember reaching my 25th birthday and thinking that the time to party and have fun was passing me by as oftentimes I focused on my career too much. 

There are days when I want to step back in time and say to that young woman, "You're only afraid because you have no idea how much fun is ahead. You'll leave behind a concept of what you're supposed to do in life. You'll break every rule everyone has set for you, and there will come a time when you'll break up with age."

It's strange how much numbers can affect us. Whether it's a digital read out on a scale at the doctor's office, the number on our license, or the amount in our bank account, numbers are everywhere deciding our success or failure. 

Clocks tick down all the time as we race to make that meeting, get frustrated while we sit in traffic (I personally turn into a Gremlin who's eaten after midnight), or the calendar when we ask, where has the time gone?

But what if we stopped basing our lives on these numbers? The other day I tried to remember a friend's age stating that she was too young for a health condition she was facing. Was I stating that the health condition would be okay if she were a year older, a decade older? Why would I say it, if I don't actually believe it?

When we ask about age or the numbers in our lives what are we really asking? Is it a judgement on where our lives 'should' be. Is it a status symbol that maybe we are ahead of the game if we've reached a certain number up or down depending on if it's age, bank account, or weight?

We have relegated playing to the early years before we are teens; rebellion in the teen years or striving for that next step of adulthood; early twenty's are for having fun and making mistakes; thirties for giving to families and spouses; forties to having a mid-life crisis; fifties, well isn't that when we start trying to hide our age and we begin to be unimportant to society.

To me it all seems odd and strange, and frankly a little dumb. 

If you haven't accomplished a huge dream of being a musician, olympian, artist, by early twenties it's time to hang it up because you have to become serious. But who decided all these ideas? What makes them so embedded in our culture?

Dreams are there for life. The love of laughter, playing, working hard towards your dreams pursuing your passion, all these things should never have to end because of a concept of time. If we were left alone, with good nutrition, no one around us, would we age in the same way, or would we find our own pace for life and our dreams?

These are the questions I have no answers for, but I leave them here to just to make you wonder.

Leave a comment and tell me your relationship with age and how it would be different if you broke up with it.