Your dreams are the Roadmap to the life you're meant to live.

Passion is life and whether it's wandering off to foreign countries or picking up a paint brush, we believe dreams should be fostered and explored. Through festivals filled with over 50 different interactive activities taught by the best teachers, Bucket List Life 21 Day Challenge, Youtube Channel, Podcast, and products we're creating a community of playful dreamers who fall in love with life, the world, and themselves.

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Dare to Dream Festival

 With over 50 different fun, interactive activities led by the best teachers, you'll experience more in one evening than you will all year. It can't be missed. 


Bucket-List Lifestyle 21 Day Challenge

What if you could drastically improve your life, having more fun, living with deeper passion, while learning to align your time and money to your dreams?


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Show the world that you're determined to make your dreams come true with our Dare to Dream product line. Our artists have created stunning designs to keep you inspired. 

Meet Marci Nault ~ Founder of DreamsCo

Author of  The Lake House , Solo World Traveler, Speaker, DreamsCo Founder, Completer of 101 Dreams Come True.

Author of The Lake House, Solo World Traveler, Speaker, DreamsCo Founder, Completer of 101 Dreams Come True.

Ever have a moment when you wonder what life's all about?

My moment came in 2008, after watching my brother lie in a coma that nearly killed him.

After my brother survived, I thought about the fragility of life, and I realized I wasn't living the way I desired. I began to wonder what I would want if I could have anything and I wasn't afraid of failure. I began to write a list of dreams: places I wanted to see; things I wanted to learn; gifts I wanted to share with others. When I was done I had a list of 101 Dreams. I added one last wish - to Laugh so hard with a stranger my sides hurt. Then I folded the list and put it in my pocket, not thinking I could accomplish my dreams.

That night, at the hotel I was staying at in Napa, I ended up drinking wine with strangers. One woman had me laughing so hard my sides hurt, I realized one of my dreams had come true. I took out my list and wondered, what if?

After that night, I actively began to pursue my list with everything I had. Now as I reach my 101st dream coming true, I realize that our lives are meant to be lived one magnificent dream to the next, and that we have been given this beautiful playground of a world to explore, and amazing bodies in which to experience it. 

Too often, people get lost in the day to day, just trying to make it through. They're dreams begin to fade into responsibilities. I'm setting out to change the way we live. Life isn't about motivation. It's about finding your passion everyday and living it to the maximum. 

I created DreamsCo, to help people explore their dreams, to bring together a community of support, and to help local communities thrive where it matters the most. Let's make this world a better place, and life more exciting by creating more joy, passion, and fun. It's time to support each other's dreams coming true.

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